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Back to School!

Check with your nearest Office Depot for details
on their 10th annual Teacher Appreciation Breakfast!

Visit Learn to MOUSE's August Monthly Activities for more 
Back to School resources and printable calendars


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Ice Breakers
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Classroom Decor
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Back to School items


Planning Lessons

Download free lesson planning software.  Very, very easy to use, and it looks just like your regular gradebook.  You can save your lesson plans from year to year, also.

See Learn to MOUSE's collection of lesson plan sites

Activities & Ice Breakers

Create a search-a-word puzzle with your students' names with PuzzleMaker from Discovery.  Students can work the puzzles while you pass out books or do other "housekeeping" chores the first day of school

Time Fillers
Short activities to fill those extra 5 minutes here and there

Getting to Know You Ideas for the first day of school

14 Great Activities
for the first days of school

14 More Great Activities
for the first days of school

First Day of School
Activities & ideas

Classroom Management  

20 Classical Teaching Mistakes
Don't make these mistakes this year!

Do you know that some discipline problems in the classroom are teacher-caused?  Read up on them here and don't let it happen in your classroom this year!

Have students and their parents, as well as yourself, sign compacts at the beginning of the year.  Take a look at this example.

Brush up on discipline problems and be ready to handle any behavior.  Remember, start out firm and you can always ease up later!

And what's the problem with "busy work?"  Lots.  Read about it here.

Trying to decide how to place your students' desks?  Seating arrangements have a lot of influence over classroom management.  Read about it here.  Also, read pros and cons of different seating arrangements (alphabetical, letting them choose, etc.) here.

Give homework the first week.  Have students write an excuse or fill out a form for not completing homework EVERY TIME it is not completed.  Store all of these excuses in the students' folders.  You will have something to show parents who may not believe you otherwise. 

Classroom Management for the Beginning of the Year
Tips and links to sites to help you with organization, discipline & management of your classroom

View a lot more classroom management web sites here.



Getting Organized

Back to School Checklist
A list of things to get ready before the first day of school

How Do You Get to School?
Chart to record which students ride the bus, walk, etc.

Personalized hall passes 
Print a few to have handy.

Class List
Print this multipurpose class list to use instead of your grade book until your class roll becomes stablized.

August Calendars
 Choose from customizable, coloring calendar, blank calendars to fill in the dates, and more.  Also, take a look at the activity and event calendars for August.  These are great for journal topics.

Classroom Helpers
Print signs for classroom jobs (bookshelf keeper, chalkboard eraser, collect papers, etc.)

Center Signs
Print these and label your centers -- library center, math center, listening center, and many more

More Center Signs

Classroom Labels
TONS of labels for your classroom, including such labels as books, blocks, calendar, scissors, and dozens more.  Helps beginning readers recognize words for the objects.

More teacher resources here

Bulletin Board / Classroom Decor

Wall alphabet to print
From Jan Brett...choose traditional manuscript, modern manuscript or cursive.

Back to School clipart 
Also can be used as coloring pages

Back to School bulletin boards

Back to School / Fall
A list of more than 20 bulletin board ideas

ABC bulletin board border
Print as much border as you need, then laminate for longer use

Math Back to School
bulletin board

Apple Bulletin board
Use all year to assign and rotate classroom duties

Bulletin Board Ideas
- an extremely long list of ideas for the beginning of the year

View a lot more bulletin board ideas here


Buy The First Days of School by Harry Wong at Amazon (new - $20.97 or used - starting at $10.95).  Read a little about the book here.

Buy great classroom materials at Really Good StuffCheck out their Back to School items.

Buy supplies at For Teachers Only.  They have a large selection of items, such as pencils, lesson plan books, grade books, and more.



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